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Down in Andy bay
Where the bush reaches up to the sky
And the sea glitters in the distance
And the birds sing as they fly
Nestled in the hillside
In a homely kind of house
Is an awesome little kindy
With it’s awesome kindy staff
Welcoming in the morning
They really truly care
Listening to all our stories
From the kids and parents there
Outside in the sand pit
On the swings
And in the bush
Riding bikes
Climbing slides
And all things that are good
Inside there’ll be painting
Cooking, Crafts, puzzles & toys
Singing, dancing, dress ups
And always loads of books!
Caring for the chickens
For the whenua and land
Caring for each other
Always there to lend a hand
So if you need a kindy
A second home to leave your kid
Come down to Andy Bay kindy
A community in your hood!

Written by Donna Smith - Parent 2023 
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