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Nutition Policy


Good nutrition is linked to good behaviour and is therefore beneficial in improving learning outcomes.  Children’s health and growth will be optimised through the encouragement of nutritious lunchbox contents from home.

  • To increase childrens' knowledge of healthy foods, healthy bodies and healthy teeth.

  • To educate families/whānau about healthy lunchbox contents so that the lunchbox content guidelines are followed.

  • Children will become familiar with tikanga Māori practices relating to food.

  • Everyone will say a karakia together before eating.

  • Teachers/ Parents sit and eat together with the children at morning tea and at least one teacher will sit with the children at lunch time. This provides opportunities to talk about the foods eaten.  We recognise the positive influence that teachers and parents can have as role models for healthy eating.

  • Tikanga Maori practices relating to food should be understood by everyone within the kindergarten e.g. not sitting on tables, no hats on while eating and not using edible food in play.

  • All children learn to wash their hands before eating and after toileting.

  • There will be displays and information in newsletters about healthy food to educate families/whānau and children.

  • Lunchbox guidelines will be regularly promoted and included in enrolment packs for new families/whānau.

  • Parent health education evenings will be held periodically.

  • If foods are part of fundraising ventures they should be nutritious options where possible. Decisions will be made by the committee when required.

  • Milk and water drinks are the only permitted options.  Juice and fizzy drinks are not permitted.

  • Lollies, roll-ups and similar products are not acceptable in lunch boxes and may be removed and given back to parents. 

  • The decision to ban foods that cause allergic reactions in individual children will be determined on a case by case basis in consultation with parents/families/whānau and specialists.

  • Treat foods are for special times such as birthdays, shared food occasions and leaving days.

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