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Management Committee

A Management Committee made up of 5 or more parents and all teachers is elected at our Annual General Meeting.


We ask that kindy families support the work of the Committee. There are so many ways to do this: get onboard with fundraising ventures, attend social evenings, join in with kindy clean-ups and working bees, or even join the committee to have a real hand in shaping your child's kindy experience.


In this way we ensure the workload is evenly spread, with the onus not falling too heavily on just a few volunteers.


Although we are funded by the Government in the same manner as other kindergartens, we are responsible for the day to day running of the centre.


Like most Government funded organisations, we find it necessary to undertake fundraising ventures on a regular basis. These range from selling items to running raffles, social events, quiz nights, cooking demonstrations etc.


We invite families to contribute to these ventures whenever possible. By raising these additional funds we have managed to maintain our current fee structure over recent years, even in the face of increasing costs. It also allows us to buy equipment to ensure children have access to a huge range of learning opportunities.

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